The new TAT2.0. And how it works (technical questions)

Explaining how the new forum works
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Re: The new TAT2.0. And how it works. MULTIQUOTES


Post by ponchi101 »

A dear member found an extension on the web that allows for multiple quotes from different posts. It works like this:
You will now find that next to your regular menu on every post, at the top right corner, there is a new icon:
quote1.jpg (6.32 KiB) Viewed 87 times
The new double-bubble is the MULTIQUOTE. Clicking on it will start your quotes, with the post where you initially clicked the bubble being the first quote. This will give you a small box in YOUR lower right corner:
quote2.jpg (7.34 KiB) Viewed 87 times
All the posts quoted will increase the count. When you finish selecting the posts to quote, click on the QUOTES(#) button and you can start composing your reply:
quote3.jpg (8.96 KiB) Viewed 87 times
Hope this will be of use, and thanks to Deuce for finding this extension. It makes TAT2.0 better.
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Re: The new TAT2.0. And how it works (technical questions)


Post by Deuce »

That Multi-Quote feature works in a very similar way to the feature in the original TAT.
The main difference is that with this one, after you write and post your post with the multiple quotes, you must then close the Multi-Quote small box in the lower right hand corner (close it by simply clicking on the garbage pail).
If you don't close it, it retains the multiple quotes.
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